Kickboxing classes in London where everyone is welcome to participate. At selected London kick boxing clubs we also run especially designated classes for children. We currently have clubs in London, Acton, Chiswick, Harrow, Hayes, Ickenham, Northwood, Uxbridge, Staines and Rickmansworth. Click on the link for more information or visti the Classes page. The instructors are qualified, Insured, First Aiders and DBS checked.


Kickboxing is a fighting concept derived from traditional Martial Arts and Boxing .At London Kickboxing we have a western approach to coaching where student interaction is highly encouraged and everyone trains at their own pace. We have a grading system starting with White belt through to Black belt. Sparring is optional, conducted under strict supervision and on a Light Continuous Contact/Sport Kickboxing basis. Participants must wear recommended protective equipment such as head guard, gum shields, boxing gloves, groin protectors, shin and foot guards.


Self defence: Kickboxing has been perfected over the years into a highly effective and easy to learn fighting concept. It is undoubtedly one of the best self defense systems you will encounter.


Cardio training: Kickboxing can be a cardio-based form of exercise. You will train at a pace which will raise your heart rate and in time help you increase your stamina and lose weight.


Flexibility training: Undoubtedly one of the most important parts of any Martial Art. Stretching is included in every session and you will slowly increase your level of flexibility. Supple muscles help us move faster and more efficiently.


Strength training: During the training session, you will work on developing your body strength using exercises that will increase muscle power and effectiveness.